Find your soul mate

Libra - Aries

If opposites attract you two will stick like glue. But the fundamental opposition of your personalities may drive you apart instead. If your partner's basic stability doesn't bore you to tears, it could be the soothing influence you need


Libra - Taurus

  This should be an excellent match. Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, the planet of love. You share an appreciation of beautiful things - including each other.


Libra - Gemini

  This should be an endlessly fascinating relationship. You reveal the beauty of the spirit, While your partner shows you the beauty of the mind. Together, you build a richly rewarding life.


Libra - Cancer

  Your partner's warmth and unconditional love provide the comfort and gratification you need. If you're afraid of being smothered by too much of a good thing, just be clear about your need for a little breathing room.


Libra - Leo

  This is a terrific combination. You are both charming, attractive and appreciative of each other's fine qualities. Together you make a beautiful match.


Libra - Virgo

  Libra sees the big picture, but tends to forget the important details. Virgo is good at filling in the missing pieces. Together, there are lots of things to talk about and plenty of activity.


Libra - Libra

Since you both tend to be indecisive, as a pair you may find it difficult to get anything done. In every other way you are perfectly suited for each other, as two such charming and attractive people should be!.


Libra - Scorpio

  There's an instant attraction here. The compromises will have to come later. Libra brings out Scorpio's lighter side, While Scorpio ignites Libra's passion.


Libra - Sagittarius

  There's a long lasting mutual fascination in this relationship. There's so much to learn, do and explore together. You'll keep each other energized for a long time.


Libra - Capricorn

  Libra is more spontaneous and easy going. Capricorn can be excessively cautious. If you can respect your differences you can find a perfect balance.


Libra - Aquarius

  This is an electrically charged relationship. There's an instant attraction between the two. This could turn out to be a wonderful match if you have a good understanding between each other.


Libra - Pisces

  It's hard to tell whether you two are going in the same direction. In the beginning there's a confusing communication blockage between the two.  If you're motivated to keep trying, you'll eventually find that you have more in common than you thought.

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